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Pin Feathers

Indio, California: We learned today Lisa and Leo have strep throat, so are heading over to Los Angeles in the morning... just past their 24-hour-no-longer-contagious-after-starting-antibiotics window. Lisa is not happy about taking antibiotics while 5 months pregnant, but her doctor(s) have warned her how dangerous strep can be and how important it is that she and Leo be treated immediately... so there you go.

In his spare time, Leo also has an ear infection.

Lenny no longer has spare time.

The 24-hour window gave me 24 hours to cook ahead for Lisa's family. Lisa is still not feeling well during this pregnancy (completely the opposite of when she carried Leo), so (lately) we bring a few meals for Lenny to heat and eat every time we visit.

I have planned a simple Chicken Caesar Salad for dinner Sunday in Los Angeles. The temperatures are supposed to climb into the 80's and who wants to cook or heat an oven in those temperatures? Not Lisa.

I baked a few buttermilk-oatmeal-whole wheat rolls to accompany the Caesar salad. Lenny just loves homemade bread. Organic, of course.

Though why I go to the trouble of choosing organic foods is of some comedic concern for me lately. Our Girl, who won't eat a thing that isn't grass-fed, organic or locally-raised ate this last week:

Pregnancy is a strange situation.

Will they name the baby Loops?

I did more baking today. Double Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies with Sea Salt (from Two Peas and Their Pod) for Lisa. I used Oregon Hazelnuts and Oregon sea salt from Jacobsen Salt Company.

The cookies are very good, but... just sayin'... the batter needs a stand mixer. My little hand mixer was taxed to the max and I had to mix-in the chocolate chips and nuts by hand. 

And for Leo? The third time is a charm? The chocolate banana cake recipe is a work in progress, but maybe today I have nailed it and will share the recipe soon. Any monkey would know the missing ingredient, and this stoopid monkey finally figured it out. Will Leo approve?

The rest of my cooking involved chicken. Lots of chicken. Lots and lots and lots of chicken. Chicken here, Chicken there.

Marinated in lemon juice (thank you Joann), garlic, olive oil and herbs from our garden... DT grilled this chicken for the Chicken Caesar Salad tomorrow night in Los Angeles.

Orange Chicken (have you tried this recipe yet - it is really good, super easy, economical and make-ahead) was prepared for Lenn & Lisa's freezer... for a night she doesn't feel like cooking... which is pretty-much any night lately. Poor Thing.

Before knowing we were going to LA in the morning, I had planned an evening of college hoops and Chicken Tacos - using organic tenders instead of thighs... because they were in the freezer.

So much poultry - I am sprouting feathers!

Dave grilled the chicken for tacos

Delicious and so healthy!

Our next update will be from Los Angeles. Think good thoughts for Lisa and Leo (and poor Lenny as well).

The April Madness finale is like nothing no one could have imagined. Our friend, Shekhar, was at the game in Dallas tonight - cheering for his Huskies. He sent me several text messages from the stadium and it was so much fun for this old gal, to hear about the game "real time". I am completely out of the running, choosing Michigan State and Florida to win in my two pools. I am such a loser. How many people chose a 7- and 8-seed to be playing in the NCAA final?

Until my next update, I remain, your sleepy correspondent.

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