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We are home

Just like that. 138 days later and we are right back where we started.

Here is our motorhome at Premier RV Resort - at a head-in site overlooking the lake. Only thing missing is palm trees and some actual weather. The weather is miserable. Cold. Rain.

Did I tell you have I have terrible chest cold?

Rat farts.

We squeezed the Magna Peregrinus into our little driveway and have started the task of moving our food & clothing into the house. Well, mostly DT has started this task.

Brandon again left the house in perfect order - and left us pretty tulips to welcome us home.

Unfortunately, Brandon also left this for Dave.nd left us pretty tulips to welcome us home.

And this for me. It's been about three weeks since Brandon sent us our mail. He shreds most of our mail - this is just the stuff he thinks we need to see. Guess we will be busy the next few days. Not to mention, after being in a motorhome for five months, it will take us a few days to adjust to having so much space.

A short recap of the trip... where we left as wanderers determined to regroup and refocus... and returned home about to become grandparents! Life is certainly an adventure.

138 nights
3,653 miles
539 gallons of diesel purchased
23 campsites (& four nights in hotels)
Blog posts: 127
Photos posted: 792

A few interesting to me side notes: We went to one Duck basketball game on this trip. Ducks lost to Idaho. We went to one Duck football game on this trip. Ducks lost to Auburn. We went to one Duck track dual meet on this trip. Ducks tied with UCLA. Not sure what this means, but I do not like the trend. 

We had a wholelotta trouble with our satellite internet dish on this trip. Five times dudes were on our roof. The system is working most of the time now, but I still have to tweak it occasionally. Irks me.

That little trip to the Emergency Room in Benson, Arizona, after I cut my thumb with a paring knife? Where they put the gash back together with super glue and gave me a tetanus shot? $1500. Isn't that criminal?

With the news that Lisa & Lenny are having a baby and getting married (apparently in that order) - this was obviously a fabulous winter. We were able to spend a lot of time with the kids. Big changes are in store for our family!

Until my next update, I remain, your sneezing & coughing correspondent.