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We Are Home

Portland, Oregon:  We have not enjoyed the past three days on our way back to Portland. Our trip was cut short due to Dave injuring his "good" knee. Then, our RV oven died. Luckily, much of the drive (not a fun five days meandering up the Oregon coast as planned) was straight north on I-5, so the right knee/leg was saved from time on the gas pedal with aid of freeway-friendly cruise control. Since My Driver cannot walk there was no reason to spend time enjoying the beautiful beaches/museums/restaurants of the far left side of the Great State of Oregon.

Not to mention, it would be a nightmare trying to rearrange campsite reservations over the 4th of July weekend. We took the high road.

We left Canyonville just after eleven o'clock this morning and pointed the Magna Peregrinus north on I-5. The weather was perfect. We only stopped once for a sandwich along the way and arrived to our RV storage unit, just outside Portland, before 3p.

We didn't have much on-board - clothing, etc. - but not too much food as we knew we would be eating in (NAPA!) restaurants much of the trip. It didn't take long for us to pack-up our belongings... but it was up to little ol' me to tote everything from the RV to the car. Dave was fairly useless with a cane, and in a lot of pain already.

One would not think six steps in/out of a motorhome would not be much of an issue, but it is amazing what a toll those few steps can amass on a five-foot-tall-61-year-old woman after the twentieth traipse. Especially when carrying a crate (or cooler) of belongings.

Not fun, yet it made me appreciate - yet again - how much of a physical work-load DT carries in our union.

After arriving home, it was up to me (for the first time) to carry all of the belongings into the house (up and down stairs) and situate them in their usual places. Closets. Office. Pantry. Refrigerator. Happily, due to our low-inventory on this trip, it didn't take too long. Dave helped so (too!) much in the resituating process - cane and all.

After a quick trip to the market our larder was restocked, and we are ready to reorganize throughout the week - with a day off tomorrow to celebrate the 4th of July - as we prepare for visitors on the weekend.

Many readers have inquired today as to Dave's new knee injury, but I cannot say if the knee is better or worse. It is still swollen, DT is still using a cane, and he probably did too much today. He has decided to wait over the holiday to make an appointment with his local ortho guy. Because what kind of runner doesn't have an ortho guy? (I mean a LOCAL ortho doctor, not his doctor in Palm Springs. It is 120° in Palm Springs.)

Until my next update, I remain, your home again, home again correspondent.