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Home and Away

Los Angeles, California:  Happy June! After many months away, we arrived back to our home in rural Portland Sunday afternoon. As usual, the house has grown in our absence. We carried enough possessions from the motorhome to make it through the night - including ingredients for a pizza and a salad (it was Sunday after all), and returned Monday to fetch the rest of our belongings. Not sure why.  We are off on another RV trip in just a few weeks.

Plain boring cheese pizza, red sauce and a little chopped basil on the top - served with a Caesar Salad. How typical. How satisfying. And I made the crust from scratch this week - no more doughy store-bought blobs.

We met My Sister, Renee, and Lisa's godmother, Nancy, for dinner Monday, and I lunched with my gal pals a few days later. The remainder of the week was spent reorganizing and unpacking everything we brought from the RV. Golf clubs. Clothing. Food... and so much needlework. I have FIVE finished canvases from this winter to send-off to the finisher.

But we had not seen the grandkids for about a month, so this morning we flew to Los Angeles.

The iconic PDX carpet (and my shiny new pedicure on my pudgy feet). 

The kids were allowed a movie tonight - complete with a babysitter, while the adults went to dinner.

Pajamas, pizza and Cars 2.

Lisa, Lenny, DT and I went to the new Wolfdown in Silver Lake. The menu is very interesting, serving "small plates" so our party of four were able to wolf down try many things on the menu. Everything we ordered was very good and attractively displayed. The server was very helpful as we made our selections. We ate outdoors on the pretty patio.

Beet Salad

We had the beet salad (beets, avocado, grapefruit, olives and sorrel), Patatas Bravas (crispy russet potato, paprika, with a garlic sauce), crispy Brussels sprouts, grilled calamari, coconut black rice and Korean Fried Chicken.

And sorry I forgot to snap a photo of the fried chicken before we had removed a few pieces... it was crispy, sweet and spicy:

A very fun evening and just so nice to be with our family again. Big excitement tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Until my next update, I remain, your Los Angeles correspondent.