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Walking the Streets

Las Vegas, Nevada: There wasn't a basketball game today until 6p, so we entertained ourselves walking the streets of The Strip in Las Vegas.

Caesar's Palace

Where else can a person witness incredible marble statues? Oh, that's right. Italy!

I found this guy (right) hanging out under an olive tree.

We also visited the gorgeous Spring flower display at the Bellagio Hotel:

The 2014 Spring flower display in the conservatory of the Bellagio Hotel was very nice - and we noted they are "reusing" favorites from previous displays. Recycling is fine - and a "framed art work" featuring living plants (photo above) is always interesting.

The Bellagio Hotel must spend thousands of dollars every day on flowers. The fresh arrangements in the lobby are always jaw-dropping... though it takes a lot to compete with the stunning glass flower ceiling in the lobby created by Dale Chihuly.

The Bellagio Hotel also features the Jean Philippe Chocolate shop, where we tasted a perfect gelato.

Stracciatella gelato from Jean Philippe at the Bellagio

Continuing our walk up and down The Strip, we toured through the new Aria hotel and saw new condo buildings sprouting up on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Condos for sale

Water feature at the Aria Hotel - water cascading down textured a cement wall.
This cooling fountain is in the valet area.

Wall of water at at the Aria Hotel

By six o'clock we had rested and were ready for the Arizona v Colorado game.

The stands were packed tonight. Arizona fans filled the stadium and are asking to buy our tickets for the final game tomorrow night.

If you've read the papers, you know Arizona beat Colorado and UCLA beat the 'Furds... giving us a very good game tomorrow at 3p pacific - Arizona v UCLA.

May the best coach win.

It's on TV.

Until my next update, I remain, your way-over-10,000 step correspondent.