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Indio, California:  Dave has returned to Indio, and family from Denver have arrived to spend a few glorious days in the sunshine. My Brother and his wife (Steve and Kris) flew into Los Angeles to first spend a few days with Lisa's family. Lisa kept them so busy - Leo's swim lessons, the zoo, hiking, several restaurant visits and one cultural event! Steve sent cute photos of his great-niece and nephew to us:

Lucy, being adorable - even in her carseat

Leo - thumbs up - at his swim lesson

Steve and Kris pointed their (shiny, red, convertible) rental car towards Indio Thursday afternoon and arrived in time for a bowl of Lasagna Soup and a salad made with fennel, oranges, radishes and radish sprouts (sprouted by yours-truly).

More family adventure planned for today. Kris and I walked 4 miles; Steve and Dave ran 5 miles, then our niece, Carla (Sister Renee's daughter) arrived with her boyfriend to spend the day with us. Carla is at school in San Diego.

As soon as they arrived we all went to lunch at El Mexicali Cafe in Indio - home of the famous shrimp-stuffed peppers. Two platters-o-peppers later, we all ordered lunch and were treated to THREE trains rumbling past the ancient building. The shaking adds to the ambience and the owner treats everyone as family.

Next stop was to the tortilla press at the local Mexican grocer:

Carla and Shawn buy tortillas

But we had to get back to the resort - Colleen and Rick offered to give our guests a boat ride. This is a special treat and a great way to show first-time visitors a different side of this fabulous "campground".

A beautiful afternoon for a cruise - it was 87 degrees

Carla, Kris and Steve aboard the Naughty Buoy

Shawn & Carla

After the cruise, we all went up to the clubhouse for the usual Friday Night Club - where a drawing is held for cash money. ($100 is put in a kitty and at 6p each Friday, a lot number is drawn. If you are in the clubhouse when they call your lot number, you win the money. If no one is there to claim the prize, another $100 is put in the pot and so on and so on. Last year, the pot climbed to $1500 before someone won. It's a fun one-hour cocktail party, the clubhouse is packed and everyone has a grand time.) No one won tonight, and the pot now sits at $300.

Steve and Kris in their red Camero ragtop

The rest of us took the golf cart

Before the kids had to drive back to San Diego, we fed them again. DT grilled chicken thighs and I made an Israeli Salad, roasted potatoes (in the crockpot all day) and I also made hummus (with organic garbanzo beans from a farmers market in Los Angeles).

Marinated for two days in lemon juice, white wine and herbs

Hummus was delicious

Her aunts and uncles are very happy Carla gave up her entire day to spend with the old folks. Thank you, Carla, for driving over from San Diego!

More madcap family adventures await. Special thanks to Steve and Shawn for sharing their photos for this blog post today.

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club