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Today, my oldest friend in the world suggested a wonderful old WPA-era poster for the wall in our (still being decorated) family room. Sue thought the National Parks vintage print (right) would be perfect. I think she is right. We have quite a dilemma in our family room - we can't hang anything priceless on the fireplace mantel/wall because 1) it is over the fireplace and 2) it gets direct sun all afternoon. Framed vintage print to the rescue? Certainly the colors are right. Certainly the theme is right. Certainly we simply love the Big Horns! Plus, we already have a carved black bear and an (original watercolor) bison for the room. Oh, and did you all know my Own Dear Dad is a retired employee of the Department of the Interior? I found a gigantic version on-line. It was ridiculously inexpensive... until I have it framed, of course. 

Thank you, Sue - my new interior decorator.

As long as I am on the vintage theme... my sister spent quite a bit of time last winter scanning old photos and slides belonging to our parents. She put the photos on a DVD and gave the catalog to all the siblings. It is fun looking through the photos and remembering (or not remembering) the Good Old Days.

Here I am - sitting on a tractor at the Tillamook (Oregon) County Fair, 1959

Visiting a farm: I am on the left, siblings Rick & Renee (the photo-scanning sister) to the right.
Two more kids would eventually show up.

I don't think my personality has changed much

Until my next update, probably from the present, I remain your plaid correspondent.