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I left the house

With everything going on around here lately, it seems I have become a bit housebound. (Okay, except for a quick trip off the mountain for an emergency pedicure.) The deck crew showed-up again early this morning, but didn't have much to do as they are out-of-stock on the deck railings. Can you even believe this? We gave them a down payment A MONTH AGO. How can a company be so inefficient? If I ranmy company like this, thousands hundreds four people would be really upset! Yes, our deck is looking fabulous... but it was supposed to be completed in two or three days... and it is looking more like ten days. They recommended a company to stain the deck, and what are the chances we are going to call them for a bid?


Looking good. The crew (of two) made the gate today to contain our little Grand Dawg.

So pretty

Slow, but they are doing an excellent job

Our new tree house

The crew didn't listen to sports radio this morning. For some reason, probably to completely annoy me, they listened to hard rock. All the songs sound the same. If you are going to listen to songs that all sound the same, why not just listen to Jimmy Buffett already? Some people have no taste. Speaking of Jimmy. Who has been hanging out in Lance's sag wagon all week in France?

DT golfed today and I went shopping. I finally purchased a massive television for the new family room, complete with a blue-ray DVD player. Unfortunately, it won't be delivered for several days (more inefficiency)... and I have to go somewhere to find a Comcast DVR thingy before the delivery boys arrive. However, the delivery boys will NOT hook-up the television and DVD and DVR. Best Buy sends out a Geek Squad a few days after the TV is delivered to put all the components together. Seriously? Who is going to sit around for three-four days with a huge big screen TV waiting for a few geeks to come and hook it all up?

Not me.

Luckily I just happen to know a Purdue engineering grad who only charges a few beers and is definitely less geeky than the Geek Squad. Chris?? Are you busy Tuesday afternoon?

Here are a few shots from our wonderful Shabbat meal. If you think the salad looks a lot like the salad from last night, you are wrong. That salad was beets over wild greens with peppercorn goat cheese. The salad tonight is beets over wild greens with smoked blue cheese.

So yummy

A teeny filet mignon in a balsamic reduction

Until my next update, I remain, "it's the weekend" correspondent.