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Victorian Cafe

Bend, Oregon: Today we spent time with my parents and my brother, Ken. In the afternoon we ran errands for my Mom. It has been decided Mom needs a new laptop, so I was sent out to procure this item. 

You cannot buy a laptop in America today. Seems tomorrow morning Microsoft releases Windows 7 and the laptops at Best Buy, Costco, Staples, etc., now have this new operating system pre-loaded... but we can't see - or use - Windows 7. If we would have bought a laptop at Best Buy this afternoon, they would have shipped it to my Mom and guaranteed it would be at her house on Friday. Best Buy is opening at dawn-thirty tomorrow morning so customers can come in and buy a laptop pre-loaded with Windows 7. This stuff is crazy. I failed on this errand, so Dad is stepping in and ordering the laptop on-line. I advised Dad to avoid Best Buy tomorrow - the place will be a zoo.

We did have success at breakfast. We tried the Victorian Cafe (1404 NW Galveston Ave., Bend, OR 97701, 541-382-6411) and discovered a local favorite. In a funky little house, right on a traffic circle, the Victorian Cafe is open from 7a to 2p only, serving breakfast and lunch.

Victorian Cafe in Bend, Oregon

The Victorian Cafe has a large selection of "breakfast cocktails", many featuring their private-label sparkling wine. The cleverly-named "Man-Mosa" cracked me up: a mimosa cocktail... except the orange juice and sparkling wine are served in an icy beer mug... for the manly-man. And even though Wednesday is "Hump Day Bloody Mary Day", we had their house-blend organic coffee. Meal portions are massive, so come hungry or share.

Portuguese Omelet with Spicy Spanish Sauce with their house-made apple sauce

Hobo Potatoes (without eggs). Virtually nachos made with potatoes in place of chips.
Loaded with mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, green onion, red onion, salsa and cheddar.
This dish is also available with scrambled eggs, bacon or ham.

The Victorian Cafe is fun, cozy and they use local, organic and hormone-free ingredients whenever possible. Don't expect fast service, but expect to have an enjoyable meal.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I received a coupon for Windows 7 when I bought my Sony Vaio a few weeks ago" correspondent.