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Valentine Polo

Indio, California:  I will never understand how My Brother and Kris enjoy perfect weather every time they visit us in Indio, but they are 100%. Perfect weather every day of their visit again this year. Maybe because they have dubbed this resort "The Bubble"? This renaming occurred after their first visit a year ago. Every morning, Steve would jog around inside the resort. Everyone said hello, good morning, or would wave to him. Steve could not believe how friendly everyone was at the Motorcoach Country Club.

So they could spend some time with Lisa and her family last year, the night before they flew back to Denver was spent in Los Angeles-area airport hotel. Before their flight, Steve went on a run around the airport neighborhood and returned to report that not even one person had waved, said hello or even acknowledged his presence. He wanted to go back to the perfect Bubble.

So The Bubble it has been since, and on any particularly snowy day in Denver, surely Steve or Kris will emote a desire to return to The Bubble.

Kris and I walked nearly six miles this morning, Steve and Dave ran nearly six miles this morning, then met Dave's college roommate's family (Bruce, Lisa and Sierra) at Tacos Gonzalez for an early lunch. Then we all went to watch the polo matches at the Empire Polo Club..

Beautiful day for polo in the Coachella Valley

Enjoying a tailgate party at the Empire Polo Club -
Sierra, Lisa (hiding in the shade), Kris, Steve, DT and Bruce.

Exciting action

Between matches, fans are encouraged to go out on the field to
stomp divots made by the horses and mallets.

Second Annual Photo of Kris, stomping divots while holding a flute of champagne

After polo, our friends drove back to their home in Riverside and the family returned to The Bubble to spend the last night of Kris and Steve's visit.

The evening was just perfect. A little breeze to cool things off - it was 90 degrees this afternoon.

After several weeks away, this guy returned to say hello:

We enjoyed a perfect sunset:

Looking North

Looking West

And what could be more romantic than Sunday night Valentine pizza?

Plain Cheese, with a little basil

Until my next update, I remain, your bubbly correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club