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USA National Track Championships | Day Four

Eugene, Oregon: Another wonderful day of the One True Sport. The weather was again very nice, though a little breezy. DT and I were at the track early to watch the final events.

Christian Smith before the 800m final

Live TV is brutal to the racers. The 800m women's race was long delayed due to commercials!
It must have been an infomercial - the poor ladies ended up resting on the warm track.

So the team is now decided and we will be anxiously awaiting their performances in Berlin! The junior meet had a few fun results this afternoon. The future of track & field looks bright for the University of Oregon: the 1500m races were won by runners who will attend Oregon in the fall, Jordan Hasay and Mac Fleet. Both flashed the "O" sign to the crowd!

After a nap, Dave and I had a yummy meal at Beppe & Gianni's with Dustin. Tomorrow we will point the Magna Peregrinus north and will be home for only a few short (very, very busy) days before we head out again to Bend for the Fourth of July weekend.

Our beautiful bus

Our view, over the pond... to the interstate... and beyond

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.