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Update on the update…

My web host/server is doing maintenance overnight - actual a physical move somewhere in Canada where this site is hosted. This blog will be inaccessible overnight night and most of Sunday.

Soft edges on this humorous concept

I took The Stray to the vet and learned she was once loved by someone. The Stray is 6 lbs, 1-3 years old and she is spayed! Though she did have a few fleas, she tested negative for Feline Leukemia and her ears were clean and she is remarkably healthy for a cat who has been living door-to-door for the past few weeks. The Stray will certainly make a wonderful pet for someone. (Someone; not us. We are waiting for your call... or email.)

DT was up in Seattle, watching the Ducks beat the Washington Huskies! GO DUCKS! I watched on the Big Screen, in front of a cozy fire. Nachos were involved.

Until my next update, I remain, your "give to a pet shelter near you today" correspondent.