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Stray Cat Update

After spreading the word around our 'hood on the Coconut Telegraph, more information has started to filter-in about The Stray who appeared at our door last evening. Seems the kitty has been hanging around for about three weeks. When first sighted, she appeared to be a kitten. Either enough neighbors (we are all on two-to-five acres, so she has been roaming a bit) have been feeding her - or she is a very good hunter - because she has grown into a small cat this past month. Apparently, DT and I are not the first to feed her tuna!

It poured rain all night and DT could not stand the sight of a soggy kitty on our back deck this morning. The fluff-ball has now been allowed into the garage - with one of the bay doors cracked open a bit if she wants to go in/out. (This is playing with danger because of the numerous skunks and raccoons prowling through our property in the dark.)

Not to mention coyotes.

Seriously, if The Stray has been hanging around for three weeks or so, I am thinking she must be sleeping indoors, or is really smart, or really lucky to have not have been eaten by the coyotes.

I stopped to buy her a teeny bag of cat food and a disposable littler box on my way home from my pedicure this afternoon. After placing the nibbles in a bowl, I called "kitty... kitty" and she came running from somewhere behind the house.

The Stray

Yes, you are cute... but if you mess up my pedicure...

Look at that sweet face! Don't you want a kitty?

The Stray is a puzzle. After eating, she went immediately to the litter box and peed. This cannot be a wild cat - somewhere, sometime, she had a home.

On the other hand, because of what the neighbors have reported, I am going to assume no one is looking for her. Probably someone abandoned her. (There is a special place in hell for people who abandon pets. It is next door to the special place for Litterbugs and Mean People.) Tomorrow morning The Stray is going to our vet for a look-over. (I'm pretty sure there is a special place in heaven for people who have been kind to animals. It is next door to a place with ultra high speed wifi and free-flowing Pinot Grigio.)

So... who wants a sweet little kitty? I am taking names.

Until my next update, I remain, your pet-free correspondent.