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Do not read this post

A quiet Sunday. DT arrived home from a quick Seattle trip to watch the Ducks beat the Huskies. He brought gifts! This morning, in Seattle, he visited that same fabulous fishmonger at the Pike Place Market we patronized a few weeks ago and bought a 14 oz. smoked salmon fillet. He also brought me more dark chocolate (dried) cherries from Chukar Cherries. I love that man.

Forget the saying, "the way to a man's heart"...

CAT UPDATE: The Stray spent the night outside. I thought maybe The Stray was so upset with me about the trip to the veterinarian yesterday, she had decided to move to better accommodations up the road. No such luck. The Stay was at our door when I woke this morning. She came inside, ate her weight in cat food, then proceeded to stand in front of the fridge crying for half-and-half. Warmed. 14 seconds in the microwave, thank you very much.

The Stray is happiest on my lap. She thinks typing on my laptop if great fun. She leaves my lap to eat or use the litter box. Seriously - don't you want a Sweet Little Kitty to call your own?

When not on my lap, The Stray prefers sleeping under DT's recliner

Which brings me to the "do not read" portion of today's post:


It can be made with organic flour and olive oil, low-fat organic cheese and organic vine ripened tomatoes - it still isn't healthy.

Okay. Home-made pizza is probably healthier than pizza from a national-chain-delivered-in-a-cardboard-box pizza.

I was kinda rewarding myself. Carbo-loading. This week, I moved up to 2.5 miles per day in my ridiculous running program.

And by running, I mean, jogging.

At a slightly-faster pace than a turtle crawls.

I will have to run to Cleveland (and back) to burn-off the calories from this pizza.

Until my next update, I remain, your "anyone want a cat?" correspondent.