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Un-Bear-able Cuteness

Los Angeles, California: My Sister thinks Lisa needs a reality show - Raising Leo. There is no denying Leo is cute (though not as cute as your grandchildren), but his one-liners and funny personality could easily sway the networks. Right?

And since his obviously-equally-adorable sister has yet to make an appearance (any day now!), I will have to bore you today with more photos of Our Entertaining Grandson.

And how about a photo of Leo's equally entertaining Bubba? Dave's cousin emailed this photo last evening:

DT, circa age 6-ish.

Except for exercising, I did not leave the house all day. No make-up. No jewelry. Just extensive Leo time.

Leo received kinetic sand for his birthday. This product is 98% sand and 2% polymer (and obviously some sort of cosmic dye?). Gluten-free (what?). It feels like sand. It looks like (purple) sand, but it holds together like sandy clay. Pretty cool. It does not dry out. It isn't messy.

Of course, this is Leo, so every toy must some-how incorporate an animal. Today a few of his friends were frolicking on a purple beach inside a bamboo box.

At nap time, his stallions were lined-up on the dresser... waiting for Leo to wake from his slumber:

Lisa went out this afternoon for a pre-baby haircut/pampering. She returned home looking like a woman from the cover of a magazine - NOT a woman ready to give birth at any moment. 

While Mommy was away, Leo and I put every item in his new playhouse in the correct position. We were going to surprise Mommy.

My clever plot started well. "Mommy" and "Daddy" were in bed with the dog at the foot of the bed. "Bubbe" and "Bubba" were watching TV with "Leo" in the living room. The cat was curled-up in front of the fireplace in her little bed.

Then, suddenly, there was a Polar Bear in the bathtub (thanks, Cousin Kara), and a giraffe in the master bedroom.

And maybe a horse on the balcony. And an elk in the kitchen.


Speaking of Cousin Kara... Lisa and Lenny received a handmade blanket from Kara. Kara made the blanket on a pattern my Mom used to make a blanket for Kara! So sweet and SO PINK!

Everything is ready here. All we need is a baby.

Until my next update, I remain, your Shabbat Shalom correspondent.