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Keeping Busy. Being Patient.

Los Angeles, California: Life continues at a fairly normal pace, considering The Lovely Lisa is going to have a baby any moment. Meals are prepared. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Errands.

I have taken/picked-up Leo to/from school twice this week. Every time I appear at school, several people assume my presence indicates Lisa in preoccupied with childbirth. Nope, just resting.

We took Leo for lunch after school yesterday. Don't know why we call it "lunch", as Leo always orders a pancake at this particular cafe. No syrup. Also, apparently the yellow OREGON DUCKS tee shirt I brought Leo is for a girl. The letters are covered in glitter. Blind Bubbe did not notice. Leo didn't either.

I walked three miles with Lisa this morning. Nine months pregnant, she out-paces me! Our hard work was rewarded with pedicures before getting Leo from school today.

Why remove grapes from the cluster with your fingers?

While Mommy napped this afternoon, Leo practiced maneuvering his new remote control fire truck (thanks, Godfather Geoff). The contraption has as many bells and whistles as a real fire truck. The ladder goes up and down, the fire truck can go forwards/backwards. It has a siren. The toy can even shoot water from a hidden storage tank... and if anyone ever divulges this operation to Leo, they will have me to deal-with later.

Most of Leo's spare time is consumed with arranging his vast collection of plastic animals into intricate scenarios. Today they seemed to be herding. It was the elephant's birthday and everyone was going to his party.

After the party, all the horses were moved to the stables to wait while Leo napped.

It's a busy life.

Until my next update, I remain, your patient correspondent.