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Indio, California: I apologize in advance for the lack of visuals in today's blog post. We were really busy. We exercised, worked, answered emails and spent quite a bit of the morning with our contractor going over the few remaining items needed to be completed on our casita build-out. Seems they ran out of brick and we will have to wait for about a month for the rest of the brick to be delivered to finish-off the exterior grill area.

Mostly we are ever-so pleased with the casita. We left so many of the decisions to our contractor. As I had stated way-too-many-times, Arnold has much better taste than me. Our casita is a bit unique to this resort. It is larger than most build-outs, as our lot is extra-large. It is larger, but quite a bit more simple than most of the other casitas.

Our casita is our casita.

We will worry about the finishing details of the casita until after the wedding.

Of course, the first place we visited after our morning exercise and book-shipping chores was Tacos Gonzales (Highway 111 & Jefferson). They were so excited to see us again, but not as excited as we were to see them again! (This time of year, the restaurants that remain open year-round are very excited to see the snow birds return.)

Perfection. Chicken tacos. $1.59 each.

They also serve (gratis) chips and three types of salsa and a radish salad. For $1.59 you can enjoy a chicken taco, beef taco, beef tongue taco, beef head taco or a pork taco. Seriously, two tacos is enough food for one person.

My Driver ordered the carne asada quesadilla (shredded beef & cheese). Tender shredded marinated beef sauteed with onions, peppers and chiles - nestled between tortillas with cheese and cilantro.

Heaven on a plate.

And by a "plate", please notice Tacos Gonzales uses real plates. Real servers. No self-serve soda station. No Styrofoam. All this for $1.59. The place is packed.

Today we also visited the Home Depot for a garden hose, a broom, a mop and step stool. We patronized Bed, Bath & Beyond for trash cans and things for the casita bathroom. My Driver was sent out on several errands for The Bride.

Dave's childhood friend, Mark, and his wife, Debbie (they live in La Quinta), came by this evening for dinner. We grilled steak. I made a big salad. The purpose of this dinner (besides to see our old friends) was to taste-test the wine we had just schlepped from Oregon to the desert.

The steaks were delicious - but the wine was divine.


Until my next update, I remain, your well-schlepped correspondent.

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