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We Have Arrived

Indio, California: Woot! Happily, a very uneventful drive from Bakersfield to Indio today. Anyway, I think it was uneventful. My Driver listened to the Ryder Cup golf tournament on the radio. I find golf on the radio to be so boring. DT was reveling every shot. I fell asleep.

We arrived to our "home away from home" at the Motorcoach Country Club around two o'clock. The place is a ghost town. The lawns have been scraped-down, the ponds (not the lake, just the ponds) have been emptied for cleaning.

It was 108°.

There isn't much more to report this evening. We transferred our precious oenophilic cargo to the icy cold casita and then took a little time to explore our new castle. I leave you tonight with a quick photo tour of our nearly completed casita and shade pavilion:

Here we are! The Magna Peregrinus has a huge parking area, with room for two cars to park behind the RV.

There is one additional parking place in front of the casita.

Dang if they didn't scrape our pretty new lawn as well. Shoot. But, as you can see - from the sprinklers on the lawn across the street, irrigation has commenced. The tree next to our casita is a non-fruiting olive tree!

Here is a shot of the living area. A television (yet to be purchased) rises out from behind the gas fireplace. There are ceiling fans and ceiling heaters, as well as rope lighting under the ceiling detail. The white pipes in front of the pillars are irrigation for big pots (yet to be purchased). This cook needs her herbs, you know!

Another view, taken after the sun had set.

The kitchen has granite countertops/back-splash, a fridge/freezer/ice maker, garbage disposal, dishwasher and range. I have all the kitchen cabinet hardware/knobs somewhere in the RV.

I think.

Above is a view from the kitchen looking towards the water. Notice the circular gas fire pit overlooking the canal? Wonder if a little guy we know will be roasting marshmallows in there one day? On a blistering-hot day, it seems ridiculous to have a fire place, a fire pit and ceiling heaters... but the truth is, most of the winter months we are here, it is quite chilly in the evenings.

Obviously we are going to need a dining table and a few chairs. We are not even going to think about these things until next week.

Dark door opens out to kitchen area, there is a pocket door to the bathroom

Here are two photos of the casita interior. The floor-to-ceiling wall cabinet is gorgeous - we are so pleased. The bathroom sink will not arrive until mid-October, so Arnold installed a "loaner" sink. Who knew there was such a thing as a loaner sink? The toilet and sink are both supposed to be "sand" colored. There is also a nice tiled shower stall in the bathroom. I have the towel bars, hooks, tissue holder, etc., somewhere in the RV. I think. The white box above the door is a heater/air conditioner. It is super quiet and super efficient. Of course, it is only cooling a 9x13 wine cellar room!

No doubt more excitement will ensue over the next few days, so check back! Keep cool everyone!

Until my next update, I remain, your sweaty correspondent.

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