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Trailer Park Valentine

Indio, California:  The wind blew last night. The bus moved so much in the wind, I became a bit seasick (and I don't get seasick). The occasional wind storm is the only negative to wintering in the SoCal desert. I also do not like the noise of the slide-room cover snapping in the wind. It ended (and by ended, I mean it was as if someone hit the OFF button) around midnight. Then we slept.

We woke to another pretty day and no wind!

Good thing, because I had a gardening project - filling a plastic planter box with herbs. Rosemary, parsley, mint and basil.

I also repotted the pink miniature rose bush Lois & Steve gave us last week. These chores only required a few moments and in a few weeks and a few dollars, we should have tons of herbs for cooking! And when we hit the road, the herbs can ride along (or Lois said she would herb-sit).

Since today was Tuesday, DT had to work most of the day and spent hours on conference calls to help plan the 2012 Olympic Track & Field Trials. I busied myself with my gardening projects, blogging and other chores until I forced him to get away - at 2p - for lunch at Tacos Gonzales.

Just for showing up, you get a basket of totopos (fried tortilla chips), three different salsas, limes and radishes. Then we ordered two tacos each - chicken for me and beef for DT. Four tacos, two beers = $13. Love that.

Gasoline is over $4 per gallon now in the Palm Springs area, so visiting establishments within walking/short driving distance is a huge plus.

Many of you may have gone out to dinner tonight to celebrate Valentines Day. We did not. Everyday with DT is Valentines Day. We are total nerds and did not attend the Valentines Day Dinner at the club house. Instead we did what we usually do on Valentines Day - watch the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

I have not owned a dog for six years - and Our Beagle was the Best Dawg Ever - but the choice tonight of a Pekinese was very disappointing to me.

Notice any similarity between the Best in Show and Best on Comedy Central?

Until my next update, I remain, your Valentine correspondent.

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