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One of Those Days

Indio, California:  Today was just one of those days that make you wonder why you ever climbed out of bed. I must admit these days are few and far between around here, but This Goddess is Only Human and sometimes I just want to scream at someone (usually myself). But I am a Kind Goddess and instead, just whinge on this blog.

To you, Dear Patient Reader.

So sorry.

The day started sunny enough. We each worked a bit and then went for runs. I had to make an emergency pit-stop back to the RV... and then the phone started ringing... and then I just never went back out to finish my 3-miler. 2.5 miles. Not even worth changing into my running clothes - especially since I had donned my fancy NIKE compression leggings that push all my belly flab up over the top of the waistband into a Costco-sized muffin top.

Just try to get that imagine out of your brain over the next few minutes.

So sorry. 


Then the weather turned a bit nasty. No wind, but dark skies and then it started to rain. I know the desert always needs rain, so I won't complain. Much. Actually, this photo is too flattering. This is what it really looked like around noon:

Okay. So it is the same photo, with all the color removed. But you get the general idea.

No matter the weather, we had to leave the RV at one o'clock because we had asked the cleaning crew to come back and give us a once-over after our trip down to Yuma and Borrego Springs. We decided to go out to lunch while the girls were here - to stay out of their way. 

Who in their right mind would complain about having to go a restaurant for lunch while other people clean their motorhome?


As usual, I wanted tacos and wanted to go back to RosAmarillo for two delicious tacos. On the way there, DT decided we have been going there too often and maybe we should give Las Casuelas in La Quinta one more try. The last few times we have eaten at this very popular restaurant, the food and service has been just terrible. Why did he think today would be any different?

I ordered a Chile Colorado enchilada and a chicken taco.

This blurry iPhone photo shows black beans, an enchilada that is clearly NOT stuffed with Chile Colorado and a chicken taco. Luckily I know my Chile Colorado (beef) from my Chile Verde (pork) and asked the waiter to remove this pork-laden dish and please bring me what I ordered. (Except I said it all smiley and nice and polite-like.)

You know what the waiter said? He said he would see if there was something he could do about it for me. What? You clearly brought me something I did not order - why would you "see about if you could fix it for me"?

Ten minutes after DT had eaten (some of) his over-cooked-to-death cheese enchiladas...

What is this blob of food anyway?

... the waiter brought another plate of beans, the correct enchilada and the original - now cold - taco. And he also brought me a margarita with a dead-drunk fruit fly doing the back stroke on the surface!

At this point, I was hungry enough to eat my arm, so chowed-down on the enchilada, ignored the cold taco, gave the fruit fly CPR and slugged-down the margarita.

My mood did not improve.

We came back to the RV to find it perfectly clean! Lovely! Then the sky opened and it poured buckets of rain. Lisa phoned on her way home from work to say traffic in Los Angeles is at a stand-still due to President Obama visiting town. She wondered why this was, because the President was traveling across town in a helicopter. Hmmm.

We will hunker-down for the evening. No need/desire to eat again. One drop of rain, and this resort turns into a ghost town.

SLOGGER REPORT:  Not even three miles. Loser.

Until my next update, I remain, your complaining correspondent.

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