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It’s Complicated

Indio, California:  Our campsite is within five miles of probably a hundred Mexican restaurants. We aren't even that far from Mexico. Please explain to me why I made Chicken Enchiladas in Salsa Verde today.

I marinated boneless-skinless organic chicken thighs in tequila, lime juice, cumin, salt, oregano and a splash of olive oil for several hours, and then grilled them on our portable outdoor grill.

Then, since we had really enjoyed the grilled tomatillos in the guacamole recipe last week, I also decided to make a salsa verde this afternoon - but I grilled all the vegetables.

One pound of tomatillos, one yellow onion, two jalapenos and four cloves of garlic!

Grilled. Charred. Softened.

By the way, this is our grill situation. I know you are all jealous of this high-tech set-up.

I put the grilled tomatillos, onion, garlic and the jalapenos in a food processor with fresh lime juice and a handful of fresh cilantro leaves, gave it a whirl and in 30 seconds had over three cups of perfect salsa verde. (FYI: I removed the seeds entirely from one of the jalapenos and from half of the other. The heat was perfect!)

Charring the vegetables takes this salsa over-the-top! (Brought a lot of neighbors over to see what we were doing, as well.) I shredded the chicken, then placed everything in the refrigerator. I put the dish together at dinner time.

I placed shredded chicken in a flour tortilla and topped it with a little green onion, and rolled 'em up. No cheese!

The enchiladas were placed in a baking dish, lined with a layer of the salsa verde.

Then the four enchiladas were slathered in more enchilada sauce... but I just couldn't help it...

I put a few sprinkles of grated mozzarella cheese. I probably should have used cheddar or a Mexican white cheese, but I had just a little bit of shredded mozzarella left over from the pizza last night... so, there ya go.

Thirty minutes at 375° resulted in a bubbly, browned casserole.

We each finished two enchiladas.


The enchiladas were worth all the work and I have enough salsa verde left over to toss with chopped avocado - to make another batch of that fantabulous guacamole!

SLOGGER REPORT:  An easy three miles today after my Big Run yesterday. Once around the resort clockwise, once counter-clockwise. I busy myself these days on my run by checking-out stone-work, driveway tiles and landscaping on other campsites for ideas on our own future construction project. Best to keep this little mind occupied or it might realize it is attached to an old woman running - and stop.

Until my next update, I remain, your salsa verde correspondent.

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