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Indio, California: Dave and I schlepped Kris and Steve to several local hot-spots today to give them a general over-view of local life. First, exercise.

2. Tacos Gonzales:

Enough said. Best tacos in My World. $1.79. Breakfast/lunch of Champions.

3. Cardenas Mexican Grocer - a southern California chain specializing in foods popular with Mexican-Americans and anyone wishing to purchase 5 avocados for one dollar. We toured through the produce department, gasping at the low prices, looked-over the amazing pastries, wondered which parts exactly were being sold in the butcher department, sampled hot - just-off-the-griddle - corn tortillas and drooled-over the salsa and guacamole selection.

Clearly I need to step-up my watermelon carving skills. The fruit selection at Cardenas is spectacular.

4. College of the Desert Street Fair. Every Saturday and Sunday "in the season" vendors put up tents in the solar-collector-capped parking area of the local community college. Then a food court breaks out and, suddenly, thousands of people show up to buy hats, clothing, art, junk, sunglasses, shoes, junk and hats.

Not a typo.

We came across this poor little pink dog. The owner was showing him/her off, but I felt very sorry for this animal.

5. Palm Springs. We walked the streets of old Palm Springs for several hours. People watching. Building viewing. Window shopping.

Palm Springs

Kris, posing with a "Lucy Ricardo" statue in Palm Springs. 

6. Finally, we went to Shanghai Red's for an early dinner. Fish tacos - and oysters for the boys.

7. Back to our campsite for the highlight of the day (ha, ha, just kidding... well, sort of) - the replay of the track meet from Boston!

Long live The One True Sport!

Everyone pooped-out pretty early this evening, so until my next update, I remain, your "you can't get enough tacos" correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club