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Back to the Ponies

Indio, California: Oh My Great Goodness Gracious and Several Other Exclamations - our RV fridge totally died today. We cleaned the coils, but the temperature kept climbing. Luckily we know Crystal & Brent people who never cook, use their dishwasher as a wine rack and feel the freezer is something only used to chill beer mugs - so our food is safe.

Also, we were having a dinner party tonight which would consume most of our perishables... other than that... wine and beer has now been relegated to an ice chest.

Since we are heading to Los Angeles Monday morning, who knows when we will be able to get a repair person here... so all that business is just up in the air.

Until then, we have all the drinks from the under-counter beverage fridge in a cooler, and all the food from our RV fridge in the under-counter beverage fridge. Everything from the freezer with Crystal. Nothing lost. It is what it is and it will work for now. This would have never happened if we were just home alone. This stuff only happens when we have visitors.

We had two items on our agenda today - 1) the ponies 2) dinner at our casita with Woody, Crystal & Brent. I am not going to lie. After the fridge problem, I may have not been the most relaxed hostess in the world, but I had a farro, shredded chicken and garbanzo bean salad - ingredients mostly from the freezer - that worked well with the current situation. We headed over to the Empire Polo Grounds with the middle-eastern-inspired salad, fresh organic strawberries and organic home-made brownies.

This time we were able to park on the eastern side of the field. Not too many tailgaters and an awesome view of the ponies close-up... plus, we could hear the announcer's voice/speaker from across the field, so could keep up with the players, score and other game information.

At half-time, we went out on the field and helped stomp on the divots:

Kris: never attempt divot-stomping without champagne

A very fast-paced game, with an endless supply of gorgeous, huge, muscular mounts. The Sport of Kings.

We met fellow tailgaters who were huge polo fans and they taught us a few nuances of the game. It was so interesting to learn about this fascinating sport. It was fun to use a mallet, to listen to the players (so many languages!) as they tore down the field.

But the best thing about polo (to me), is the thundering sound the horses make as they race from one end of the field to the other.  

After our afternoon with the ponies, we came back to the casita to dust and prepare for our little party. Dave grilled salmon, sausages and asparagus and I prepared Warm Potato Salad with Arugula - except I used sweet potatoes this time. It was a great night - family and friends!

Until my next update, I remain, your thawing correspondent.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club