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Tour of Portland

This morning, DT and his college roommate went out to our golf club for a round and the girls did a concise tour of Portland - including a lovely lunch. Red has been here many times and gave me strict instructions as to what he felt his wife, Marcia, should experience on her one-day tour of Portland. I did my best to show Marcia Portland, considering this is the most I have driven in several years.

The first stop on our tour was to Pittock Mansion. This beautiful home was built by one of Portland's oldest families. The husband and wife both arrived in Portland (separately) via covered wagon and made their fortunes in timber, banking, railroads and finally in newspapers. Mr. Pittock helped start the daily Oregonian newspaper, which we still read every morning at our house. The home is open for tours daily and is situated on the most prime real estate in Portland. On a clear day the view is all the way to Mt. Rainier (east of Seattle), Mt. Adams, St. Helens, Mt. Hood and (way south) Mt. Jefferson.

Everywhere you look in Oregon, you are going to see a mountain.

Marcia above Stumptown Portland. Only a Real Oregonian will be able to see Mt. Hood, barely visible above-and-to-the-left-of-her-head.


The mountain is there.

Trust me.

It is obvious to you by now - the roomies have amazing wives.

Then I drove Marcia through various parts of Washington Park, the largest urban park in America.

Take that Central Park.

Next stop on our tour was to the Portland International Rose Test Gardens. Founded in 1888, Portland proved to be the perfect climate to grow roses.

Take that Pasadena.

This pretty pink blossom is the Marijke Koopman. But you already knew that.

I am crazy for yellow roses and today we found the "Antique Caramel Floribunda" (left) and one of my very favorite yellow roses, the "Julia Child", in beautiful bloom in the Rose Test Garden. The scent in the rose garden - even though it is nearly mid-October - was intoxicating!

Our tour also included Zoo Oregon, the Vietnam Memorial, and the World Forestry Center. If you only have one day to spend in Portland, please remember to book me as your guide.

Marcia in the International Rose Test Gardens.

After the tour of Washington Park, and a drive-by of downtown Portland and beautiful Waterfront Park, we met our niece, Carla (no school today in the entire state of Oregon apparently) for lunch at the Davis Street Tavern.

Do you all remember our niece, Carla?

This is the lamb burger served at the Davis Street Tavern, 5th & Davis in Portland, Oregon.

Fish Tacos from the Davis Street Tavern.

We had a lovely day in Portland. The guys had a lovely day golfing The only thing that could possibly top this day would be a win over the Cougars tomorrow. Ducks are (at this moment) picked to win by over 40 points. Anything can happen in college football, but I am expecting an away-blow-out by My Ducks.

The "tailgate" is here.

Until my next update, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.

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