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Tiny Dancer

Los Angeles, California: Our day began by fetching Leo from his piano lesson and taking him to breakfast/lunch… brunch while Lenny accompanied Lucy to a birthday party (at an ice cream parlor where the guests made ice cream by churning via riding a bicycle. I think Lenny won the parenting lotto today. Lisa had to drive out to Pasadena to buy grout.

After feeding Leo, we met Lisa at the new house. Though a Saturday, the house was a beehive of activity. The drywall is up and the walls are being primed. Tile was being installed in Leo and Lucy’s bathroom, and the tile has been installed in the master bath. It is easy now to see how everything will go together. The kitchen cabinets have been delivered. Appliances have been ordered. It will all come together very quickly now.

Master bath is pink! Tile not-yet grouted.

After Lucy returned from the birthday party, Lisa began prepping her for the recital. Detailed instructions were sent from Lucy’s ballet instructor. The costume required. The tights. The shoes. The fascinator. Where the fascinator needs to be placed, and which hairstyle is required. Stage makeup. Lisa went to the drugstore to find green eye shadow. Who knew green eye shadow was still a thing?

Her eyelashes are really this long. Ridiculous, and not fair.

Lisa and Lucy left early for the theater. After spending the morning churning ice cream, we were not surprised when Lisa sent us this photo:

The show was sold-out. There could not have been even one four-year-old in Los Angeles today who was not dancing in this recital. Countless dances/dancers – each one cuter than the last.

Lucy (center) during her performance

The green-garbed girls (think Leprechauns) danced to NSYNC’s Just Got Paid. Such a funny song choice for girls who have never earned a dime. This black-and-white photo was the best I could find to use tonight. We were too busy watching the performance to take photos.

The encore

GOOD NEWS: Lucy is no longer the shortest girl on stage!

After the show, we gathered outside the theater and presented the dancers with flowers.

It was such a great show and we loved seeing all the grandparents in attendance. Nothing better than watching your grandchild work so hard and perform so well. (The level of conformity since last year has drastically improved, but alas… no Bolshoi scouts in the theater again this year.)

We met with about ten other families for pizza and then called it a night. Another fun ballet performance by Our Little Lucy. Every year she gets better and better! We love Lucy.

Tomorrow? Leo’s Little League.

Until my next update, I remain, your proud correspondent.

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