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Little League with Leo

Los Angeles, California: Though not quite as dramatic as yesterday’s activity – and completely free of eyeshadow and hair gel – Leo suited-up this morning to face-off with the Cubs – one of the best teams in (coach-pitch) Little League in Los Angeles.

Leo started as catcher today for the Colorado Rockies. His speciality is trash talking with the pitcher, except the pitcher is usually the mom or dad of one of his friends.

Coach Lenny kept his team focused today. Lenny is tough, but fair, and rules with his heart. Lisa was “snack parent” today, so brought a decent amount of junk v healthy foods for the Rockies (and their siblings).

After catching a few innings, Leo (far right) was sent to the outfield.

The league plays at the Tommy Lasorda Field of Dreams stadium. This facility is so awesome! A ball field, a practice field, bathrooms, a snack bar providing FREE snow cones and popcorn, plus bleachers for the home and opposing teams.

And, just because this is LA: no parking. Whatsoever.

Leo’s prediction came true and his team soundly lost to the Cubs. Dang! No matter, we still had a good day. We visited the new house to see the updates from yesterday (quite a bit), and spent the rest of the afternoon at the park. A pretty grassy, shady park with a great play structure.

We gathered for another wonderful meal together at one of our favorite east-side Italian places, All’acqua. Great time and great food. The kids were so well-behaved… so desserts!

Lenny and Lisa

We fly back to Portland in the morning.

Until my next update, I remain, your sporty correspondent.

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