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Time Again

Indio, California: Dave and I have returned to Indio after spending several days helping the kids in Los Angeles. As usual, we had a great busy time and just can't get enough of our little grandson.

We arrived back to the Motorcoach Country Club only to notice more and more motorhomes have left for the season. It is getting pretty quiet around here.

Until tomorrow.

The wide-open aisles in local supermarkets are gone.

For the next two weekends, over 75,000 people a day will attend the Coachella Valley Music Festival held at the Empire Polo Club (just behind this resort). The festival is a huge money-maker for the local area, with hundreds of bands performing on several stages each day. There isn't a hotel room or vacation house available for miles. Supermarket shelves empty of booze, water, sunscreen and ice.

Beer is delivered hourly to every market in the general vicinity.

There are a lot of bikinis in the Coachella Valley this weekend. Even at the supermarket. No kidding. The hipsters are ready!

Since we had been away, and since we do not plan to venture out much this weekend (but still must prepare for our Seder Monday), I needed to stock up on fresh foods. It was so amusing to me to watch the beer vendors scurrying down the aisles with their hand trucks. Vodka seemed to be in short supply already. The store had huge displays filled with chips and snacks, blister-packs of freshly-cut fruit, attendants controlling the checkout lines, security guards at each entrance and a long line of porta-potties in the parking lot.

We can hide from the insanity by hunkering-down inside our pristine plush resort, but we can't escape the festival. We can hear the music wafting our way (I usually enjoy this part and it always stops around 11p) and about 50 motorhomes are camping in this RV park for the weekend to attend the festival:

Old Greyhound bus!

This is going to be epic!

Until my next update, I remain, your well-stocked correspondent.

SLOGGER REPORT: Walked 3.5 miles with our neighbor, Lois and her Golden Retriever, Rocky.

RV PARK: The Motorcoach Country Club - The Crown Jewel of Motorcoach Resorts. 400 sites, three pools, three spas, fitness center, golf, bocce ball, tennis, 2-mile waterway, fine-dining restaurant, bar, security, planned activities, perfectly maintained. Sites for sale or rent.