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Timberline Lodge

Welches, Oregon: Such a sad day after a wedding, when everyone goes home. But such happy memories! Our Girl was flying back to Los Angeles this afternoon, so she joined us here (at our motorhome) for breakfast. Dave made scrambled eggs with peppers, tomatoes, cheddar, and salsa. Dang delicious - especially for someone who so rarely cooks. Fortified, we hopped in the Jeep and drove about 30 minutes east to the base of Mt. Hood to visit Historic Timberline Lodge - one of the gems built by the WPA in 1936-38. Popular for snow sports year round, as one large field is groomed to allow skiing and snow boarding even in summer. We posed:

Lisa and her dad at Timberline Lodge
Lisa and her Mom at Timberline Lodge
Mt. Hood - the large area in the center is groomed for summer skiing

The lodge served as the back-drop for the 1980 film, The Shining, Stanley Kubrick's horror movie starring Jack Nicholson.

Guests to Timberline Lodge can pose with a replica axe used by Nicholson, spouting his famous line during the movie: Here's Johnny! The words are printed on the axe handle. Lisa didn't know the Here's Johnny reference. We explained about Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson. Kids these days.

Lisa left us in time to reach the airport, and eat at Cafe Yumm! This family has priorities!

We weren't finished mooching off Tamra and Steve. We went to their house for drinks before going across the street for dinner at The Rendezvous Grill. Even after a long COVID pause, Tamra and Steve were greeted like old friends at the restaurant, and we had rock-star seating and memorable meals.

Sadly, Lisa's flight was delayed and she wasn't able to meet her family for dinner until way-past-bedtime. Whatever. She had a great time in Oregon and was able to see her childhood friends at Kyle's wedding, and her kids were happy to greet her for a late dinner:

Cutest. Kids. Ever.

We return to Eugene in the morning to have our coolant hoses repaired and hopefully new batteries and new air conditioners. Think of us.

Until my next update, I remain, your traveling correspondent.

RV Park: Mt. Hood Village RV Resortthis park is huge and has everything from simple campsites to cabins. Double-check if you have a big rig. It is a Thousands Trails park. Full hook-up sites, cottages, cabins, yurts, laundry, bathhouse, fitness center, indoor pool, hiking trails. A lot of live-ins. We are paying (average of) $85 per night.

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  1. Terry, are those the air conditioners your ordered during the pandemic around the same time as me that I never got and finally cancelled the order? Are you just now getting them?

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