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The Wedding

Welches, Oregon: After "saving the date" since January, today was finally the day Kyle (Kathy & Woody's youngest) married Lauren. Our bus had broken down. Dave contracted the dreaded COVID. No matter what, we prevailed, and were so excited to celebrate the wedding of the youngest in our Family of Friends. Dave continues to test negative, so we are back to trying to not GET the virus, instead of trying not to GIVE the virus. It's all so stressful.

Dave and I started the day with a 3+ mile hike along the nearby trials, out to the Salmon River and back. We don't think we were ever on the same trail, but honestly, they all look alike. They look like this:

Beautiful! And so cool - it was 97 degrees today.
Salmon River
Bridge on the trail over the river
Art along the trail

Lisa arrived from Los Angeles before noon. She stopped by our RV to say hi for awhile, then went to Tamra and Steve's nearby weekend house (where Lisa will be spending the night) to get ready for the nuptials. Lauren and Kyle chose a very interesting venue for their vows, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl. Guests could take a chair lift up to the top of the ski slope (no snow this time of year), or hop a shuttle, for the ceremony. I am absolutely terrified of chair lifts/gondolas, so opted for the shuttle. Dave and Lisa took the chair lift. I waited at the appointed shuttle stop. And waited. And waited. I was the only one waiting. After 15 minutes or so, I went inside and asked about the shuttle, only to be informed the last shuttle to the wedding ceremony had left. How could I get to the ceremony? Take the chair lift.

Dang it Kyle, if only I didn't love you so much...

Not only was it terrifying... well, not sure exactly how terrifying it was as I rarely opened my eyes... I had to hold my legs up the entire 25 minutes or my shoes would have slipped off into the abyss. It was an adventure, but maybe it will cure my fear? DT was waiting for me at the top of the chair lift; Lisa was at the venue sipping rosé. The ceremony was beautiful, with Mt. Hood serving as the backdrop. Just wow. (Sorry, no photos/social media allowed.) Guests had several options on how to get back down the mountain for the reception: ski lift, alpine slide, or shuttle. Pretty sure I was the first person on the shuttle. Lisa and Dave did the alpine slide! What a fun - and different - wedding venue.

At the base of the mountain, there was a cocktail hour with appetizers, then a beautiful dinner under a large white marquee with prime rib and salmon, heart-warming and hilarious speeches, first dances, and cake!

The groom's sister, Katie, baked and decorated all the cakes. Three flavors.

Lined-up by age - the groom is on the far right

Since all nine children of the Family of Friends were in attendance (and it is getting rarer and rarer that we are all together), photographic proof was imperative. Yes, that's a lot of girls, and a very international bunch. Two were born in Taiwan, two were born in Korea, one was born in The Philippines (ours), and one was born in Indonesia. Three were born in America. They have given the three families 11 grandchildren!

Lined by by height: the tallest is the youngest; the shortest is the eldest!

Congratulations to Lauren and Kyle, and congratulations to Kathy and Woody for gaining a lovely new daughter-in-law into your family.

Until my next update, I remaining, your crying correspondent.

RV Park: Mt. Hood Village RV Resortthis park is huge and has everything from simple campsites to cabins. Double-check if you have a big rig. It is a Thousands Trails park. Full hook-up sites, cottages, cabins, yurts, laundry, bathhouse, fitness center, indoor pool, hiking trails. A lot of live-ins. We are paying (average of) $85 per night.