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Three States

Park City, Utah: Just a quick update tonight. We were up early, exercising and preparing for a long drive to Park City, Utah. I ran out to the adorably-named Jackson Whole Grocer for produce and also found organic glazed donuts. Can I convince myself an organic glazed donut is health food? No. But I had one anyway. Today our route took us south on Highway 89 through Wyoming, into Idaho, back into Wyoming, into Utah, back into Wyoming and finally into Utah - all on the same road!

World's Largest Elk Antler Arch

The town of Afton, Wyoming - along our path today - is home to three things of random significance.

1. World's Largest Antler Horn Arch (pictured above).

2. World's Largest Periodic (intermittent) Spring - located 4 miles east of Afton in the Salt River Range. Water flow is interrupted between 3 to 30 minutes, from August to May. A cave behind the spring creates a siphon which causes interruptions in the water flow.

3. Birthplace of Rulon Gardener.

I can't make this stuff up.

Lander Cutoff

Highway 89 follows the Lander Cutoff for many miles. This trail left the Oregon Trail near South Pass City, Wyoming and rejoined the Oregon Trail in Idaho, northeast of Pocatello. The scenery all day was just spectacular. Beautiful farms and ranches, mile after mile of hay fields and miles of sage brush desert. We saw approximately 100 Pronghorn Sheep on our drive today.

Larger than a Conestoga Wagon: the Magna Peregrinus along the Lander Cutoff

We stopped for lunch (salad) at a roadside turnout. This was our glorious view! The road is good, wide and without too much excitement... except for seven miles of 7% downgrade...

We arrived to our reserved campsite in the Park City RV Resort mid-afternoon. The office was closed, but they had a pamphlet waiting for us with our name and site number written across the top. It was easy to find our campsite. Our site is very nice. It is a front-in "Deluxe" site looking out over a small canyon with a creek (and the tent camping area below). Beautiful... but the campground is so near I-80, the noise is quite distracting.

We invited a young German couple, Pia und Daniel, over for a glass of wine and chatted about their travels for quite some time.

Later, we noticed our dishwasher strangely beeping mid-cycle The dishwasher was making all sorts of strange sounds. Oh. Oh. We then realized we had no water. We then realized the entire campground had no water. The campground uses a well and the pump stopped/is broken. No replacement until the morning. We have a little water in our tank... hope it lasts for a while.

It's always something!

Until my next update, I remain, your World's Largest RV Goddess.

RV Park: Park City RV Resort. We have a full-service campsite with 50 amp. Pool, hot tub, free wifi, bathhouse, laundry, tent sites. I can't tell you how much we are paying because the office is closed until the morning and I have yet to receive a receipt or bill.