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National Museum of Wildlife Art

Jackson, Wyoming: The weather was perfect again today - probably the nicest day of our trip so far. Did we take advantage of the good weather and go on a hike, golf, or white-water rafting? No. We did not. Our knees are aching from our 2400 feet ascent yesterday. Two visits to the resort hot tub were required.

Speaking of the RV resort - here is a photo of the Magna Peregrinus at the Virginian Lodge RV Resort in Jackson. You can see it is bare-bones accommodations, and we are paying $62 per night. Location, location, location. RV guests can use the pool and hot tub at the adjacent/co-owned Virginian Lodge. There is also a casual cafe on-site and a bar. You cannot get a drink the restaurant, only in the bar. I do not understand these Wyoming liquor laws.

The empty spot next to our RV was abandoned this morning by Sue and Mick. Our new Oklahoma State Cowboy friends left this morning for Yellowstone. We hope to see them again, somewhere!

David and I started our morning with brunch at Cafe Genevieve. Set in an old historically-registered log cabin just a block off the main square in Jackson, Cafe Genevieve cures their own bacon and Canadian bacon - plus they make their own potato chips!

Of all things, Cafe Genevieve is famous for their Chicken & Waffles - a southern specialty.

I ordered a Greek Frittata - and open-faced omelet with spinach, tomato, feta cheese and kalamata olives - over a whole mess of spicy home fries and toast. We certainly have been eating well while in Jackson.

Our service was great, the food was delicious, the dining room was so pretty (and so were our servers). We highly recommend Cafe Genevieve (135 East Broadway, 307.732.1910) in Jackson, Wyoming.

After lunch, we took a little walk around the town square and asked a fellow tourist to snap our photo.


And, just for fun: same park, in 2003

No comment.

Stage coach rides, life-sized bronze statues, shopping, restaurants, canoeing, parks, skiing, a farmers market, hiking, white-water rafting, bicycling, museums, plays... it is easy to find something to do in Jackson.

Tonight, Bob Dylan is in concert in Jackson - just a few blocks from the campground at the base of Snow King Mountain. The Snow King ski slope is right in town. Most locals can walk from their house to ski! In the summer you can hike to the top of Snow King, ride a horse to the top, or simply take the ski lift. There were many paragliders over the mountain top this afternoon, sailing around on the warm thermals.

Setting up for the Bob Dylan concert

We spent the afternoon at the National Museum of Wildlife Art. On a beautiful property overlooking a winter bison and elk refuge (between Jackson and Grand Teton National Park) the museum was founded in 1987 to house the wildlife art collection of Joffa and Bill Kerr. The 50,000 square foot facility is now home to over 500 artists and has over 5000 pieces of wildlife art in the collection.

Welcome! This elk is in the museum parking lot.

Of course, photography is not allowed inside the exhibits, but here are views of the entrance and the museum lobby. Let's just say, if you want to see 476 paintings of elk - this is the place. That said, today was the third time we have visited this interesting museum. We love it!

After three nights of "fine dining", tonight we had a light meal at the Snake River Brewpub. DT loves their beer and they had (our own Oregon) King Estate Pinot Gris for only $5.50 a glass! (What? There isn't a restaurant in Oregon that vends this precious nectar for less than $7. Shhh... don't tell anyone.) We shared a little Buffalo Sausage pizza. How exotic! The brewery makes their own buffalo sausage. It was spicy and it was sweet. Very good pizza and very different.

We chatted up the nicest couple even though they are Ohio State alums and were at the Rose Bowl in January when OSU kicked our sorry Duck behindsfrom Ohio. They also had hiked Jenny Lake and had seen a bear with a collar at approximately the same location we saw a bear with a collar. Inneresting... This sweet couple fosters dogs for their local animal shelter in Dayton and have just adopted a dwarf Jack Russell terrier. I had no idea dogs could be born with dwarfism

The stuff you learn in bars.

After dinner, we returned to our motorhome, sat outside, and listened to Bob Dylan wafting through the air to our campsite. Free Bob Dylan concert!

My knees ache, Dear Reader. There isn't enough pinot gris or Advil in the western hemisphere to ease my creakiness. I am going to bed. Until my next update, I remain, your amazed-again correspondent.

RV Park: The Virginian Lodge RV Resort. Our usual and favorite campsite in Jackson. Nothing fancy at all, and really expensive - but right in town with full-service 50 amp pull throughs. Gravel sites with a picnic table on a little spot of lawn. Hot tub, pool and cafe at the adjacent hotel. Cable, bathhouse & laundry. No wifi that I can find. We are paying $62 per night. Dang.