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Three Nieces

Merced, California: The wind stopped overnight and we enjoyed a perfectly lovely day in DT's boyhood hometown. Just hanging out with the family in the back yard.

Dave played a little bocce ball with his brothers.

Anyway, I think that is what they were doing.

Dave's Mom has turned her back yard into a farm! She is growing peaches, apricots, avocados, berries, herbs and vegetables. Come June, she will rarely have to go to the grocer. She is even composting!

We also spent time with our three Merced nieces. (The four brothers have produced three girls - no sons: The Lovely Lisa, Meghan, Aleria & Kira. In some strange coincidence, the girls are seven/eight years apart... and to make it even stranger, now that Kira is seven, The Lovely Lisa is going to have a baby! I wonder if we are going to get a string of nephews every seven/eight years now?

Our youngest niece, Kira.

Aleria, with her sister, Kira.

The Birthday Boy celebrates yet again. His Mommy baked him a cake. So spoiled loved!

Time for the big show! After dinner, we headed downtown to watch the one-night-only appearance of The BOBtones at the Partisan Lounge. The place was packed and everyone was dancing.

Hmmm... didn't I title this column "Three Nieces"?

Meghan (Brother Billy's daughter) sang a song with the band tonight! Meghan is currently performing in All Shook Up, so The BOBtones did an Elvis song with her.

The above video was shot with my iPhone in a very dark bar, standing directly in front of the speakers. I apologize for the sound quality. Guess I am not the "Fellini of Phones" afterall.

Later in the show, Brother Billy sang "When I Get Drunk", and Steve Johnson had a fantabulous guitar fest.

Then I asked My Driver to carry me home. 

Until my next update, I remain, your "I'm sober now" correspondent.

RV Park:  We are staying at the 6-space RV park at the Castle Air Museum. Full hook-up back-in sites. No bathhouse, no laundry. $25.