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Jam Session

Merced, California: Where did the warmth go? It was chilly this morning in Bakersfield. I had to wear a long-sleeved running top this morning, and I had to dig it out from the bottom of the drawer. I don't like how this whole "moving north" thing is working out. I had to wear "long pants" today for the first time in I can't remember when.

Did I mention the wind? This is not a sepia photo of a dust bowl - this photo was taken today from our campsite near Merced, California. This area is highly agricultural. When the wind blows - the air becomes thick with grit and sand. Our eyes are itching. Forget about our just-washed RV. It is trashed.

Not to mention we are breathing this lovely stuff.

We are visiting in DT's home this weekend because the "boys are getting the band back together". New York-based blues guitarist Steve Johnson returns to his boyhood home in Merced each April and his old pals, known as The BOBtones, gather to appear "one night only". The event conveniently coincides with Dave's birthday, so it is a great time to be with our family.

Before the Big Show tomorrow night, the boys gathered in Brother Billy's (the drummer) garage to practice for a jam session! Before the music started, Brother Billy served everyone delicious Jamaican Jerk Chicken, red beans & rice and sauteed sweet corn.

Free food and free music! What's not to like?

They really were jamming in Billy's garage! The neighbors showed up. Family and friends gathered. It was so much fun.

The BOBtones were reintroducing a saxophone to the mix, after about a ten year absence.

Steve Johnson sings lead vocals and writes much of the music. He is also one of the finest guitarists in America. Steve is with AMC Records.

After playing together for a few hours, I think the boys have it down. The saxophone is a great addition. I suspect the show tomorrow night will be amazing.

With such a great drummer, how can they fail?

Until my next update, I remain, your Merced correspondent.

Question: Were you ever in a garage band?

RV Park:  We are staying at the 6-space RV park at the Castle Air Museum. Full hook-up back-in sites. No bathhouse, no laundry. $25.