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This, That and Some Other Stuff

Indio, California:  Again, we woke to brilliant warm sun. However, we again woke too early. Seems Lisa and Lenny wake up early, so Reese thinks it is fun to jump on our heads at 6 o'clock to wake us from our dreams.

But the view this morning was so lovely, I couldn't get mad at our Little Grand Dawg. I just love it when the water is so still and the mountains are reflected. So pretty!

Anyway... who could get angry at this little guy?

I felt so good on my run this morning! I was flying around the resort, pounding out three miles in no time... until I came back to the motorhome and looked at the clock. No, Terry. You were not flying. You were crawling. Shuffling. Wogging. Dang. After my miserably slow run, I took Reese for a walk. I was raised with dogs and DT and I had a beagle (Snickers, photo left) for over 15 years, so am no novice at dogs... but cannot for the life of me figure out how teeny Reese has a gallon-size bladder. Reese watered every tree in the resort. Did you know Reese is named "after" Snickers? True. Reese's full name is Reese's Pieces. My nephews have dogs named Hershey and Godiva. Snickers started a trend in chocolate-themed dog names in our family. We finally went out to restock our fridge after days on the road and our overnight trip to Los Angeles. Remember that chicken I roasted at Lisa & Lenny's Wednesday night? I brought the remains home and made a big pot of chicken noodle soup for their freezer. They both work. They have an infant. I have a feeling a pot of organic chicken noodle soup will hit the spot one busy evening. That's the way I roll. I leave you this evening with a few interesting things that are cluttering up my laptop.Yes, I think these roses are hideous. Doesn't mean I didn't order them for Lisa's pre-Rose Bowl party. The vase, however, is awesome. GO DUCKS. But FTD is an equal-opportunity dyer of roses and nearly early every bowl game team colors are available. The Florida Gator and Penn State bouquets are especially frightening. Check it out. Somewhere, Mother Nature is barfing.

Speaking of Mother Nature...

Lisa's Godmother, Miss Nancy, sent this zebra photo to me. I assume it was photoshopped, but I love it just the same - Happy Hanukkah!

Until my next update, I remain, your correspondent.

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