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Indio, California:  Hello everyone! It's your favorite pooch, Reese, again. The Lady is letting me write another column for her. She was busy today - and I have a lot to say.

I tried sleeping in a little this morning, but there are way too many palm trees needing my attention in this place. 7 o'clock and it was time for a walk. As usual, the lady follows me around and - I've told you about this before - she picks up my poop and carries it around in a plastic bag! Bizarre!

Yesterday, Gramps gave the Lady a new skillet for Hanukkah. You would have thought he had given her a 30 carat diamond ring - she was so excited. She cooed and fussed over it and they rearranged a cupboard just to find a spot to store the thing. (In case you do not know, My Mom's parents live in a very small house, and - get this - it has wheels so they can drive it around. Weird.)

Actually, around here there are hundreds of these little houses on wheels - and nearly every one of them has a dog. Most of the dogs are real fancy types. Not me. I'm a mutt. Proud to be a pound puppy.

Sooooos anyway... the Lady couldn't wait to use her new skillet. Gramps just loves fried potatoes on Saturday morning and the Lady complained that she just didn't have enough "surface" in her little skillet to get a nice crisp edge on Grandpa's taters... so now they are both happy. Strange looking skillet. It doesn't even have a handle. The Lady says there is no room for a long handle in her little cupboard. (The Lady is the kitchen Alpha Female.)

Yukon Golds, green pepper, jalapeno pepper, onion, tomatoes and left-over steak. They eat like Royalty. I get kibble.

We spent the morning outside, enjoying the sun. The Lady was trying to take photos of an egret, but there is no way that bird was coming anywhere near their driving house. Not when I'm on guard. No way! That bird isn't going to poop on their boat dock! (Even if they don't have a boat.)

I just chase 'em away. They don't ask me to guard their boat dock, I just do it because they haven't a clue.

See? Even a teeny little bird can make a big mess.

When I wasn't protecting their property, Gramps would let me sit on his lap and give me scratches.

Or we would wrassle on the grass and he would rub my belly. I just love it when humans rub my belly.

We went on two long walks, I watered more trees and we had a very great day. I always have so much fun when I visit my grandparents!

Until my next update, I remain, your canine correspondent.

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