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The Week in Review

Dave and I had a few days to relax a little and enjoy the warm sunshine, before we head back to Los Angeles.

It has been very quiet in the resort all week. Though over 275 coaches are present, most of the occupants have flown home to be with family (i.e., grandchildren!) over the holidays.

Gravlax from La Brasserie Bistro

We went back to La Brasserie Bistro in La Quinta for dinner one night. Happily, it remains most unchanged with the same servers who were happy to see us again (but not as happy as we were to see them again).

Spicy Chipotle Chicken Salad from El Mexicali Cafe in Indio

And another day we went for lunch to El Mexicali Cafe in Indio. Again, happy to see each other and happy to enjoy some spicy food! This place is a classic. It sits about two inches from train tracks and if you don't experience at least one train rattling your chair during your meal, you didn't stay long enough.

I don't know if you all remember this photo from a few years ago, but Mexicali (in Mexico... just over the border... a few miles south of here) has a huge Chinese population. The Chinese settled in Mexicali to work in agricultural irrigation canal and railroad construction and have integrated themselves into the local culture. Assimilation often shows itself in food... which is why El Mexicali Cafe is famous for their peppers stuffed with shrimp... served with soy sauce and mayonnaise. Soy sauce in a Mexican restaurant. It's how things happen down here.

I did a bit of cooking at home as well.

The last night of Hanukkah was celebrated with green onion-laden latkes.

And gifts! (No.5!)

And a margarita on Thursday to celebrate the 68th birthday of a certain singer I kindalike.

Until my next update, from Los Angeles, I remain, your rested correspondent.