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The San Diego Zoo

San Diego, California:  Children wake very early, so we were down the (included with our room rate) breakfast buffet at 8a. A lovely spread, with separate areas for fruits, pastries and cereals, and a line of the usual potatoes, eggs, sausages (chicken!). The buffet also included a fancy omelet station and (yet to be noticed by Leo and Lucy) a candy section. Servers brought us coffee and juices. Very nice and a good way to start our day and fuel us for a day at the San Diego Zoo.

We did not see 100% of the zoo. This would be an impossible feat on a normal day (without children), but we did a good job. I didn't photograph many animals as they are not displayed in very nature situations. The zoo is in transition, with a massive new African area under construction (photo below) and many animals are not in their usual pens or are off-display altogether. For one example, the hyenas! It would have been very helpful if this information would have been provided on the zoo website. When I asked, I was told the "situation changes too often to make the website updates"... really? We had a blast anyway and will see hyenas at the Wild Animal Park later this week. Leo was a trooper about this development. (I really was a bit surprised, but he took the disappointing development in stride.) Photos, and captions, of our day Giraffes

Is this safe? Huge double-decker tour buses traverse through the zoo, forcing walking visitors to scramble out of their path. So dangerous because of so many people - and children - at the zoo.

The San Diego Zoo have birthed over 100 Koalas

There was one Panda on display, and she wasn't cooperating with cameras.

The grounds are fantastically filled with gorgeous foliage, trees and so many blooming flowers.

The San Diego Zoo covers many hilly areas. Visitors are helped with buses, sky trams and stroller-friendly escalators. Leo loved this.

Monkeys posing with Apes

We were lucky enough to see a group of gorillas up-close - including a hitch-hiking baby.

The weather really cooperated - 72 degrees. Perfect temperature and plenty of shady spots to have a rest. There were also many, many spots for kids to climb on statues of animals for photos ops with camera-toting grandparents.

We took the sky-high gondola tram round trip. It leaves from the front entrance of the zoo area to the North American animal area. The gondola ride gave us a good view of the construction area. Eight acres are being redeveloped. We want to come back after it is finished.

There was a stroll through the gift shop and then back to the hotel for time in the swimming pool. We walked to a nearby restaurant for dinner and then we introduced our grandchildren to the miracle of room service dessert.

Dessert may have been followed by a "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" wrestle + dance fest.

Until my next update, I remain, your zoological correspondent.