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Spring Break in San Diego

San Diego, California:  Dave and I drove the Jeep to Julian this afternoon. We wanted a slice of pie.

With ice cream. (100 miles is a long way to drive for a slice of pie.) As long as we had driven all the way to Julian, we keep driving southwest and found ourselves in San Diego. At 5p, we checked into a hotel on the bay and found a few agreeable folks on the other side of the door of our adjoining rooms - Lisa, Leo and Lucy!

Los Angeles schools are closed this week for Spring Break. Leo had a week from school, so we long-ago decided to visit the San Diego Zoo. Last-minute business (aka WORK!) kept Lenny at home (with Reese), so our family consists of only five this week.

Leo's first Spring Break. Gosh, it has been a really, really, really long time since I have been on Spring Break. I am happy to report my bikini + beach blanket + bingo days are long past... but finally taking Leo to see hyenas at the zoo will be more fun than a kegger in Cabo a huge thrill. Leo is obsessed with hyenas.

After getting settled at the hotel, we took a walk along the marina in Seaport Village - a collection of shops and restaurants. A very dangerous place to bring children - too many candy stores, toy shops, ice cream vendors and kite stores to tempt those easily distracted.

Night Heron

We let the kids burn-off a little energy running around the park at the marina and decided on a fish-slash-sushi restaurant near the hotel, Sally's Fish House. The restaurant was on the bay, with great views to the yachts in the marina. We were able to dine outdoors on the patio and the staff were super hospitable with the kids - giving them crayons, coloring books, "cheater" chopsticks and cool sunglasses.

Dave and I had brought Lucy and Leo stuffed animals from our trip to Arizona last week (okay, so we bought the toys at the hotel gift shop in Phoenix... we were busy... something about a basketball game). They loved their new friends.

A fox for Leo and an owl for Lucy. (Lucy loves owls, but hyena stuffed animals are rarely available in hotel gift shops.)

Leo - per usual - wanted something chocolate for dessert. When his "chocolate covered brownie" was delivered the server suggested I take a video of the presentation. What?

After the hot caramel sauce was poured over the chocolate dome, it cracked-open like an egg shell, revealing a scoop of vanilla ice cream inside. Amazing!

NOTE TO BRENT & CRYSTAL: No, I will not be attempting this recipe. Leo was up past his bedtime tonight.

Until my next update, I remain, your "excited about the zoo tomorrow" correspondent.