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The News from Here

Los Angeles, California: So much has been going on the past two days. The new parents are keeping me busy, but I am getting a lot of cuddle time with Little Leo. He is a charmer. Leo has wrapped himself around my heart!

Lisa (left) & Leo at two weeks

Hmmm... like Momma, like baby? Nah, probably all babies sleep this way, but it was interesting that I had a 30 year old photo of Lisa in the same sleeping position on my computer. Stranger is that both photos were taken at two weeks. (Of course, Lisa's photo was taken with a film camera.) Both babies weighed 6 pounds, 6 ounces at birth too. Leo does not look like Lisa as a baby, but we are fairly certain he has her mouth.

Lisa had her two week post-delivery check-up yesterday and was given the go-ahead to start exercising again. Her doctor is quite pleased with Lisa's health.

This morning, Leo had his two-week check-up. The little muncher is already 7 pounds, 2 ounces! Leo is doing very well! Previously, the pediatrician didn't want Leo to go more than 4 hours without nursing, but since his weight is climbing, Lisa now has permission to let him sleep until he wakes up hungry. I think both parents will appreciate this bit of sleep advice.

Okay, so he's not exactly big, but he sure is cute. And perfect. Leo is not very fussy. He doesn't cry much. So today, when he fussed, I took a video. He yawned at one point and looked as if he was going to doze-off, but then he really started crying and I couldn't stand it, so picked him up and sang a little lullaby and he went right to sleep. Watch this video only if you have nothing to do for the next two minutes.


I apologize in advance. The only person who would possibly sit through a 2-plus-minute video of a squirming Leo (not to mention listening to me "sing") is my sister.

Besides doctor appointments, Lisa has been busy addressing the birth announcements, and we are trying to keep-up with the never-ending mountain of laundry produced by a 7 pound human, and there is a constant stream of adoring fans and gift deliveries. This baby is adored by many! Lisa has kept me busy running errands, grocery shopping and cooking. Today I made potato gnocchi for Lenny, as it is his favorite dish. Daddy needs to be spoiled too! In my spare time, I have been using a machine to scrub and buff the hardwood floors in Lisa & Lenny's house. I am basically paralyzed with sore muscles. Hey, don't laugh - I am a Grandma, don't you forget!Best Title Ever.

Until my next exciting update, I remain, your LA Granny.