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The Fun Continues

Indio, California:  Our Bubble is very popular when weather in Denver and Portland is dreary. Steve and Kris left Monday. Steve and Mary arrived Wednesday. Wednesday evening Kathy and Woody joined us here for dinner. DT grilled steaks and we all had a great time, ignoring the 40mph winds trying to spoil our fun.

After hearing about the incredible tacos, the first thing on Mary and Steve's agenda today was a stop to Tacos Gonzalez. They loved the tacos, of course, but the price has suddenly risen a dime to $1.89 per taco...

... and I can take-down two. I suppose, as addictions go, this is a fairly inexpensive one.

Mary's first bite!

After lunch, My Driver took us on a drive around the local date orchards and drove nearly to Mecca to visit the Oasis Date Gardens, where we purchased dates and sat out in their pretty shady palm garden, splitting a date shake.

The day continued to be perfect. Friends are in town babysitting their grandchildren, so all of us (Kathy, Woody, Mary, Steve, DT and myself) went over for dinner, and even more old Portland friends joined the party. Woody grilled. After dinner, when the kids were in bed, we sat outside around the fire pit, sipping wine and telling tales from "back in the day" when all the guys worked together.

Apparently we are the the most entertaining people we know.

Another beautiful sunset!

Until my next update, I remain, your friendly correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club