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Borrego Springs Day Trip

Indio, California:  I had a relaxing day yesterday. My friends and husband did not. They did the Bump and Grind hike in Palm Desert. (I did not join-in as I do not enjoy the downhill portion of this trail; instead walked/jogged "around the block" here - 4 miles.) They all returned dirty and hungry. Later, we went to lunch at El Mexicali Cafe so Steve could try their famous stuffed peppers:

Photo beginning to look familiar? This stop is one of the most popular on the "tour" we give to visitors. Everyone just loves the peppers, the food and the friendly owners at El Mexicali.

Today was a perfect day to spend in beautiful Borrego Springs, so we loaded up in the Jeep and headed one hour south to show our friends the magnificent metal sculptures in the desert surrounding Borrego Springs. David Avery (heir to the Avery-Dennison label fortune) commissioned artist Richardo Breceda to make metal art pieces and place them at various locations throughout the desert outside the little town. There are now over 130 sculptures. (I think we have found most of them.) Mr. Avery passed away in 2012.

Year after year, this guy waits patiently for me to return. He always offers me a huge box of grapes. (I just love him - and maybe one year he will have wine for me?)

More photos from today:

Checking out the grasshopper v scorpion duel

Steve, with grasshopper

The head of the serpent

The serpent is 350 feet long and goes under the road

Brave people under the belly of the serpent


We also visited an area where the artist has installed a guy panning for gold, with his trusty pack horse nearby. There is incredible detail on this sculpture.

The horse has pots, pans, a cup, bed roll, food bag, knife, water bag
 and a host of other equipment hanging from his sides. Amazing job!

One last photo of Mary at a sculpture - this time an eagle - and we went into town for lunch at the Red Ocotillo Cafe. (Now at it's third location, that we know of, since we have been coming to Borrego Springs. FYI: the French Corner Restaurant has closed, and the Red Ocotillo has move back into town from the Palms at Indian Canyon Resort to occupy the old French Corner space. Goodness, are you paying attention? There may be a quiz.) There was also a visit to the Anza Borrego State Park visitor center where we ran into readers. Nice to see you, Harrison family!

On the drive back to Indio, we made a quick stop to see the Salton Sea, the largest lake in California. It stretches from just south of Indio to just north of the Mexican border and is much saltier than the ocean. The volume of the lake varies with the season and rainfall amounts, but it is presently very (very, very) low and very (very, very) stinky.

Good News! Mary and Captain Jim have FINALLY arrived to the Motorcoach Country Club from vacationing in Hawaii. We all met up at a local sports bar to watch the Ducks beat the Beavers in basketball... then came back to watch the Millrose Games indoor track meet on the DVR... where there is no need to tell you Matthew Centrowitz won the Wanamaker Mile because you knew he would. Centrowitz is now the fourth fastest indoor miler in the world - EVER - 3:50.63.

PS: This just in from Los Angeles - looky who can ride a pony all by herownself.

Lucy, 18 months

Until my next update, I remain, your sporty  correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club

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