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The Fun Continues

Los Angeles, California: Just in case things weren't crazy-busy enough around this house, a production company camped-out in front of the house for a few days to shoot a Target commercial inside a neighbor's house.

We had to deal with huge production trucks containing makeup, wardrobe - even toilets - for two days. Lots of traffic and zero street parking for the neighborhood. The kids took it in stride - it is part of living in Los Angeles. All I can say is, I had no freaking idea how many people are involved in shooting a commercial for television. Maybe I should actually watch them?

In other news, our granddaughter continues to charm everyone. Lucy is really starting to resemble Lisa as an infant.

Lucy is very well dressed, and though her outfits are so teeny-tiny, the clothes are still just too big for a six-pounder. I suspect this problem won't last for long.

We had two items on the agenda today.

1. Going to a Farmer's Market.

Leo cleverly repurposed the stroller base as a carrying vehicle for his various dinosaurs and critters. We strolled around the market, filled our shopping list, Leo stopped for a croissant and everyone admired 5-day-old Lucy in her stroller.

2. Moving rooms. Lisa and Lenny have a massive living room and a really generous dining room in this 90 year old house. However (like maybe many of you) these rooms are rarely used (I know it's true at our house). So, it has been decided to switch-around a few rooms. The living room is large enough for a living and dining room, so the dining table was moved to half of the living room. The old dining room is now going to be a family room/play room. The guest room will become Lucy's room and the oldplayroom will serve as the guest room. Everyone paying attention? Amazing how much one little baby can change a household.

Leo was a great multi-tasking helper this afternoon, mopping the floor in the new dining area. (Yeah, right.) Everything is now in place, a few new pieces of furniture will be delivered this week and hopefully this arrangement will work for several years - or until this family no longer needs a play room.

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.