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The Bird

Indio, California: Another really full day with activities and visitors. I was up early and off to the grocer to fetch things for dinner, then back to the RV to prep things for dinner - marinate chicken, pickle a few veggies for appetizers and make Panna Cottafor dessert - before heading off to a local Native American casino with Dad, Mary, Captain Jim & Mary for a little gaming and a little lunch.

After lunch, Dad and Mary went shopping and DT and I returned to greet our great friend, writer Tim Forbes. Through all Tim's visits out to the desert to interview DT and all the time we spent together at various sporting events (including the 2012 Olympic Track & Field Trials in Eugene), today was the first time we were able to meet his lovely wife - The Bird. Tim is a very tall man and his wife is simply diminutive... thus her nickname.

Tim looks a lot better with his gal instead of this gal

We have no idea why Tim was hiding her from us! The Bird is a lovely lady. She had never been in a "campground" before - or inside a motorhome - so was a little overwhelmed by our situation, but joined right in on the fun as we toured through the RV resort on our golf cart. (I bet Tim & The Bird thought we were giving them a tour of our resort... but in reality, we were touring THEM around so all our fellow campers would be impressed we have such fabulous friends.)

You can bring her around again, Tim.

Any time.

Tim and The Bird headed out to watch the LPGA tournament and Dad and Mary joined us at our campsite for dinner. Appetizers this evening were veggies I had pickled this morning, nuts and olives - decorated (this is just so awesome) with a few sprigs of leaves from our olive tree!

DT grilled chicken that I had marinated in fresh herbs from our pots, olive oil, white wine and lemon juice. I also steamed green beans and served a tossed salad. We watched the Mariner game and it took extra innings for Seattle to beat the White Sox.

Luckily we had creamy Panna Cotta to hold us over.

Panna Cotta made with 2% milk, garnished with fresh raspberries

Sweet Victory.

On a sad note... the weather is heating-up and snowbirds are heading back to their winter nests. Every day a few more RV's leave this resort. Today we said goodbye to Crystal and Brent. So sorry to see them go... until next winter. Have a safe trip home!

I plan to park myself in front of the television tomorrow afternoon for college hoops. I hope you do the same.

Until my next update, I remain, your April Madness correspondent.

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