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Scenic Cruise

Indio, California: After working and exercising, we decided to treat ourselves to tacos at Tacos Gonzales (Highway 111 at Jefferson)... except we did not order tacos. For some reason, we tried something different - chicken quesadilla. It was, of course, delicious, but we will probably stick with the tacos next time. While we were dining, our neighbor, Steve, came in to pick up a to-go order. Steve joined us at our table for a chat while he was waiting and we had a great time... such a grand time, in fact, that we walked out the door without asking for our check! Mr. Gonzales opened the door behind us and said, "Did you pay"? Oops. We were only slightly embarrassed - we are there several times a week and Mr. Gonzales knew we were not criminals, just flustered oldsters. 

Thus ended our dine-and-dash career.

Mary and Captain Jim thought My Dad and Mary would enjoy a boat ride through the resort, so they kindly fetched us for a scenic cruise before dinner at the clubhouse. Aren't we all fancy?

Mary & Dad

Mary and Dad did enjoy the ride and the view. If you think this resort is impressive from the street - it's a wholenuther world from the lake.

The wind started blowing!

Our campsite from the canal

The weather even cooperated and the wind did not start until the end of the ride. Captain Jim had a heck of a time, fighting the wind to leave our dock to return to their campsite. We met up at the Top of the Falls restaurant in the clubhouse for a fun dinner together.

Thank you, again, Mary and Captain Jim for taking us a boat ride!

Until my next update, I remain, your salty correspondent.

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