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The bees knees

Our morning started... well, let's just say our morning didn't start at all. A crew was scheduled to arrive at 8a to begin replacing the boards and railings on our deck. At 9:15a I phoned their office and was informed they were scheduled to replace our deck next Monday. What? They had even called to reconfirm a few days ago! Oh, I am buzzing mad.

Speaking of buzzing... our lavender is out of control with fragrant blooms and is a huge bee attractant. I spent a bit of time outside this morning with my Grand Dawg and I snapped a few photos of the bees - playing with my macro lens on my new camera. These photos were taken using a very fast shutter speed. Sorry, if you don't like bugs!

Honeybee on lavender

Alien space creature on lavender


How many bees would it take to make a fur coat? (Just kidding... I don't wear fur... don't call PETA!)

A bumblebee

Not a good photo... but I kinda like it anyway

This guy is loaded with pollen

Time to run!