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Blame it on Mary

Okay, so the deck guys didn't show up yesterday... but the painters arrived on time this morning and painted our family room. Here are the "before" photos. A really large room, dominated by a stone fireplace

With a view out to the forest

In case you wonder... yes, I do have a flash on my fancy new camera. Sorry about the shadows. Inside the large black cabinet is a television. I don't think it has cable or something though because no one ever goes in there to watch television. (Well, no one around here watches much television anyway... but still, it would be nice to have a nice, comfortable room where we could all gather and watch the game. Plus, this room has a fireplace and a bar! I can't even remember how long that wall has been red... but we have lived here 15 years

Our painters are very careful - plus they cleaned my ceiling fan blades!


After, looking into entry hall




The ceiling was painted Whip and the wall is Cashew. Both paints are Divine Paintsfrom Miller Paint. (The entry hall and kitchen are "Maple"... we are really nutty around here, aren't we?) Anyway... this entire process is all Mary's fault - because last year she gave me a candle. I put the candle on the fireplace mantle and noticed it was the same color as the rusty spots on the stones. See?

So I thought I would try to bring-out that color in our family room

It turned out to be a very expensive candle - tomorrow we will have new carpeting installed in the room. And then there is the matter of that television. Until that update, I remain, your colorful correspondent.