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That Girl

Indio, California: A few times a year (in Portland), I get together with Moms from Lisa's high school class. We chat about what our kids (Lisa graduated with only 51 others) are doing and brag about our beautiful grandchildren. Always, when I tell an amusing story about Our Daughter, my friend, Pam, exclaims: That Girl!

Lisa is unique. Smart. Funny. Pretty. She is caring and loving. Lisa wants to please those she loves and she loves many. Lisa is organized, athletic, ridiculously witty, a fabulous cook, friendly and can charm an entire room with her smile. I know all this because I am Her Mother. She is my only child and I have no prejudice on the subject whatsoever.

Lisa has her own style and, together with Lenny, they planned the Best Wedding Ever. We have finally received the wedding (October!) photos from the photographer and I am going to share a few over the next weeks as time allows. Today I am going to focus on Our Beautiful Daughter.

Her friend made the gold vine ornament for her hair and Lisa wore earrings, necklace and a bracelet that belonged to my late Mother. My Mom made a decorative band for Lisa to wrap around her wedding bouquet. My Mom was thinking ahead that Lisa would one day meet a man who would capture her heart, as she passed away before Lisa met Lenny. My Mother even knit layettes for Lisa's future children.

Lisa designed her wedding bouquet. Lisa designed her wedding dress. Luckily, she lives in Los Angeles, so was able to find a dressmaker who specializes in making costumes for the movie industry and he worked for months with Lisa to produce this gorgeous gown.

Every stitch on her dress - made with French lace - was sown by hand. A piece of art.

Lisa also designed their ring pillow - as a homage to Lenny, a writer - and needlepointed by me.

Dang, I do good work. 

Here we are. Moments later, the three of us would join a wonderful family from Washington, DC. 

Reminds us of another notable family moment in DC (2003) when Lisa graduated from The George Washington University. What were the odds Lisa would one-day marry a man from Washington, DC?

Apparently, 100%. 

We happily escorted our Beautiful Daughter down the aisle to Lenny, gave her away to her Perfect Partner and danced the night away.

But that is another column, for another day...

Until my next update, I remain, your sparkly correspondent.

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