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Dog Days

Indio, California: We have suffered through a few terrible days of wind, accompanied by a horrific sand storm. Things have calmed a bit and we have spent the past few days cleaning up as the dust has settled. We woke this morning to this:

That's right - there are mountains just north of us. We saw them today for the first time since Friday. There was not a ripple on the canal this morning... but I can't even describe all the junk that was floating in the the lake just below the crop line of this photo. Blech. (Not to worry - the resort sent a crew to cart it all away before nine o'clock this morning.)

We ran for miles today - so happy to be outside again, breathing clear air - and then went to the grocer to stock up for the weekend. Weekend Two of the Coachella Music Festival begins tomorrow morning and we plan to hunker-down in our RV resort for the duration.

Because we are old and completely over the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

This evening, with plans to have dinner at the clubhouse... Captain Jim and Mary happened to swing by in their new yacht.

Captain Jim and Mary

We waved them down and basically invited ourselves for a boat ride. Not only did we invite ourselves, they asked our neighbors, Lois & Steve, to join in the pirated ride. Of course, Lois and Steve brought Rocky.

Captain Jim, Rocky & Steve - and Lois with Rocky

In my next life, I want to come back as Lois and Steve's dog.

DT, Captain Jim & Steve

The "buoys" were having a great time.

Rocky was having a great time... though we were 99.9% sure he really just wanted to jump in the lake and go for a swim.

Here are a few of the electric "yachts" in this RV resort:

Ship Faced - BLONDE
Knot Golfing - Wine Down

Still... my favorite boat in the resort is named the "Notta Lotta Yachta".

We never made it up to the clubhouse for dinner, but what could top an evening on the water with friends on such a lovely night? Thank you, Captain Jim and Mary for letting us hijack join your cruise.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I just love camping" correspondent.

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