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Los Angeles, California: Lisa and Lenny hosted their first-ever Thanksgiving together today in their beautiful new home in Los Angeles. Friends and relatives stopped in all day. The weather was outstanding. The friends and relatives were outstanding. Lisa's decor was outstanding.

My Only Child designed the flower arrangements herownself. She even crafted white turkey feathers dipped in silver glitter at the tips. Lisa wrote guests names in silver ink on miniature pumpkins for place cards. Who thinks of this stuff?


Though I do get props for ironing the tablecloth and napkins.

The flower arrangements included cotton. Actual cotton balls in their pods.

Move over, Martha.

Our girl also prepared silver-decorated molasses cookies.

It was a silver theme today.

Though a certain little 15-month-old was wearing Redskin colors and RG3's number.

Have I mentioned how much help a 15-month-old boy can be on Thanksgiving?


I won't either.

But who can resist that face? Not me. Not DT.

During half-time of the Redskin v Dallas game, Lenny and I competed in a "Dip-Off". Lenny's Lipton Onion Soup Mix dip versus my long-stirred caramelized onion dip.

DT ordained himself as the Dip-Off Judge. He set the rules and counted the votes. He did not vote. Lenny and I did not vote.

Lenny won!

Lenny's sister, her husband, two of their friends - and My Only Child, whom I birthed in a third world country without the benefit of anethesia - voted for Lenny's dip. Lisa's college friends, Ryan and Ernie voted for my dip. Totaling 5-2. Biggest complaint on my dip? Too sweet. I did not use a sweet onion, so I suspect the difference between the two dips is just that pronounced. Lenny had MSG on his side.

Lenny was declared the Dip King and I was declared the Dip $&@*.

I was a gracious loser and congratulated the Dip King as only a humbled Mother-in-Law could. This will teach me to not mess with the Dip King! Lenny's dip is famed and now it is legendary.

Rule on, Dip King!

Redskins won, by the way. Lenny was so happy!

Lisa's first turkey was perfectly moist, perfectly seasoned and perfectly delicious. Her Dad carved the bird.

Lisa filled their buffet with turkey, green beans, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes,wild mushroom bread pudding, savory stuffing and her Grandmother's Citrus Salad. Gravy and buttermilk rolls were on the table. Ponzi Pinot Noir Reserve (left-over from the wedding) was poured with dinner.

Pumpkin Pie was served much later for dessert. Lisa whipped cream with hazelnut liquor to serve with the pumpkin pie, so Leo was not allowed this boozy concoction.

Instead, Leo mainlined.

Until my next update, I remain, your VERY THANKFUL correspondent.