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Family Friday

Los Angeles, California: No mall visits for this family. We spent the day with Little Leo. Leo will probably have a happy life without a teal Furby.

After yummy turkey sandwiches, we took Leo to the park and let him run around exploring. He climbed on everything and then his Dad pushed him in the swing. Leo just loves the swing.

Then we put Leo on a carousel horse for the first time. He wasn't too sure about what was happening. He seemed a bit apprehensive, but didn't cry and didn't try to get off the horse.

But the Little Dude was not happy. A few times his little lip quivered, but no tears. Brave little trooper.

Though Lisa is pretty-sure he will be traumatized for life and have nightmares about carousels.

Guess I'd better go find one of those Furby things...

Until my next update, I remain, your grandmotherly correspondent.